Five ways to improve the efficiency and prosperity of your warehouse

Here at DHD, exemplary warehouse management is part of the job and plays a huge role in our success. Here are five simple tips to keeping your space in order for a more productive business. No matter how modest or large scale your warehouse facility is, this best practice applies to yours too.

1.      Cycle count with accuracy.

Embedding a culture of stock control can make a huge difference. Although initially it might seem complex, once in place such a system keeps your business transparent. You will have a clear picture of what inventory you possess, and will avoid unnecessary reordering. Count stock every day before you receive a delivery or start a shipment for optimum results.

2.      Automate, automate, automate!

Granted some automated processes are out of reach for many smaller operations, but there is still an abundance of easily accessible, reasonably priced automation out there for everyone. But be sure to invest wisely: carry out some research into areas where your business could benefit from automation. If your picking and packing process requires help and a driverless forklift is out of reach, why not look into automated stretch wrap machine? Perhaps your stock knowledge is a little ‘wooly’? It could be time to leave the spreadsheets behind and opt for specialist software geared towards logistics management. Bar code technology will help to keep a track of exactly what is coming in and out of your warehouse – plus when and where!

 It is all about carefully selecting tools and programmes to work harder for your business, to make its operations run tighter and more efficiently.

3.       Implement a pick and pack process

Do you already have a process in place? Is that one method used throughout your pick and pack department? Many warehouse practices are learned ‘on the job’ therefore slightly different knowledge, practices and habits cascade down to each new generation of worker. With a definitive, single method of picking and packing instilled, you can be sure of a consistent process for years to come. Decide on split case picking, basic order picking, batch picking, pick and pass picking, wave picking….Whichever system you choose, make sure it works for you and is correctly implemented and properly practiced.

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