Forecasting Trends for Wholesale on Best Selling Items

When you’re in business, what is the one thing you really want to do? Make money of course. So, if you knew what was trending so you could sell and make money from, would you be interested? Of course you would. But sometimes trends are temporary so would you take a chance? Fortune favours the bold!

So, here are some known, and not so know products:

Paleo Bars
Diet trends and fads are always on the top of everyone’s list but rarely do their products stay afloat for the long haul. So, when Paleo Bars, which are build around the Paleo eating plan, top the charts in terms of sales, then one has to take a second look and wonder why. So, stock up and get those paleo bars into your pallet deals next month.

Bow Ties
Yes, we said it. Bow ties are one of the most popular items to buy on the market. Now, maybe at one point it was ties that hit the top selling fashion item, but bow ties, as old as they are, are really making a huge comeback. They are trendy, they are cute and they are rolling in the pound seats.

Pocket Squares
Another fashion item and also as old as the hills! Little squares of material in different colours and types of fabrics are really putting it out there. So, that’s’ two fashion items in a row and both on the men’s side of the curtain.

Wooden Sunglasses
Bizarre? Maybe. But they are selling like hotcakes. With the environmentally friendly push always on the radar, these very light and fashionable sunglasses are pulling in big numbers. If we must go by Google searches, then they are the next best things since sliced cheese. Get yours!

Wooden Watches
Again, keeping with the ‘foot print’ thing, wooden watches are also on the topside of sales. While they have been on the market since 2004, they haven’t really made a dent till recently. A hit on Kickstarter, these will soon be in the warehouse and possibly at warehouse prices.

Finally, something for the chicks! Leggings can be worn in summer and in winter, and are just so versatile. With colours aplenty and patterns running amuck, leggings are one of the 2017 fashion items to stock up on. Grab a pair from the pallet stock today.

Vaping is becoming a real trend, not only because it’s healthier but also because it’s just, well, trendy. Even those that didn’t smoke traditional cigarettes before are trying out e-cigarettes. And the sales are showing that they really mean business. Hand in hand with this goes the e-liquid that you use to refill your vaping cigarette.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has been talked about on many cooking channels, health magazines and pretty much everywhere you go. You can cook with it, rub it on our body, eat it just like that and even shave with it. Its healthy, its trendy and its rocking the profit margins. So, go stock up on all that is Coconut and fill your warehouse up to the hilt.

Matcha Powder
This is a form of green tea and is again sitting on the healthy side of the market. It has been around since 2009 but only now is beginning to show itself in the popularity column.

While these are just the icing on the cupcake of trending products, they are, as you can see, all around fashion, health and … oh fashion.

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